Popular Diamond Shapes

How To Choose A Diamond

How to choose between a Princess shape and a Marquise shape? How to even TELL the difference? Find our guide to the wide and glorious variety of diamond cuts below.
fine jewels diamond shapes round brilliant

Round Brilliant Diamond

Total internal reflection of this stone means the round brilliant diamond outshines the other cuts. A classic engagement ring stone, the cut includes 57 perfectly aligned facets delivering optimum brilliance and scintillation.

Princess Cut Diamond

Traditionally a square cut diamond which exudes fire and brilliance within its inverted pyramid structure. Another popular cut for an engagement ring diamond.
fine jewels diamond shapes princess cut
fine jewels diamond shapes cushion cut

Cushion Cut Diamond

This cut combines a square cut diamond with rounded corners giving it the appearance of a cushion shape. In essence it is a combination of the round brilliant cut with a classic facet pattern diamond cut.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Chiselled into rectangular and occasionally square shapes, the emerald cut is recognised by straight linear facets creating a hall of mirrors type effect. To add stability and prevent fractures the corners are usually cropped.
fine jewels diamond shapes emerald cut
fine jewels diamond shapes oval cut

Oval Shaped Diamond

An elongated version of the round cut, but with a similar sparkle, the oval shape is often fashioned from shallower stones. The sender shape of the diamond creates a beautiful, elongated look.

Marquise Cut Diamond

The elongated Marquise diamond has the largest surface area of any other diamond and therefore sparkles with extra fire and brilliance. Originally commissioned by Louis XV King of France in the 18th century the stone was asked to resemble the lips of mistress The Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, Jean Antoinette Posson. The stone has been refined over generations but remains reminiscent of its romantic origins.
fine jewels diamond shapes marquies cut
fine jewels diamond shapes radiant cut

Radiant Cut Diamond

Outstanding in its brilliance and durability, the radiant cut contains 70 perfectly cut facets. Designed by Henry Grossbard, the Radiant cut is a combination of the finest elements of the round and brilliant cut. A celebration of clean line and brilliance the radiant cut is often perceived as larger than the other cuts.

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