Fine Quality Antique and Vintage Gold, Diamond, Gemstone and Pearl Pendants and Necklaces

Some of the most intricate pieces we stock are our fine antique and period diamond pearl and gemstone pendants and necklaces. Often made of just fabulous gold silver and platinum metalwork or adorned with diamonds rubies sapphires emeralds aquamarines and other semi precious gems. These fine quality pieces are perfect for those wanting to wear jewellery of great style and craftsmanship which have their own individual identity.

Our vintage mid century necklaces tend to be of a slightly larger bolder feel encompassing the design of those decades. These necklaces are some of the most simple but stylish in our whole collection often made just from gold with beautiful creative panache.

Our selection of more modern pendants and necklaces focus on quality diamond and gemstones set within simple contemporary designs. All our necklace and pendants have been carefully selected not only on the quality of the stones and workmanship but also making sure they are highly wearable.